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New! Your product; your service; your accommodation; your offer; can be first, foremost & exclusive in a viewer’s sight and mind when he/she selects information about your destination.

We can guarantee that absolutely no one can get information on your destination from WWW.skiaustria.com without first seeing your message. Click on first photo for full demo.

Viewer visits skiaustria.com selects your destination and clicks:
this links to...
Bridge page with exclusive advert that links to you, or to... Kaprun / Zell am See Home page
Destination page

A viewer wants to visit your country and like thousands every day he/she selects the Activelifestyle travel network domain that offers the desired information.


From there they click on the resort destination that you are offering accommodation, tours, products or services.


Before they reach that page they are served a page of your choice from your domain. From there they can go either to your site for more information or to the page with general destination information.


As a result of this exclusive page presentation perfectly targeted at your destination, you have been elevated to the position as the main player in that destination.


A simple daily rate ensures that your charges are capped and manageable. The amount of times your exclusive message is seen is related directly to the popularity of your resort. No matter. You are the first one seen, the main player before the viewer gets to see the other suppliers in the destination.


Costs are very reasonable and to place your exclusive bridge ad is so simple that almost anyone on your staff can do it.

1 week = EURO 70, 2 weeks = EURO 126, 3 weeks = EURO 168, 1 month = EURO 210